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We care about your Dog as much as you do


Our Mission

Stacy's Dog Watch is a premium facility dedicated to providing exceptional care for your Fur-babies. We are committed to fulfilling an awesome experience for your pet. Safety must come first! We focus on your pets well -being, mentally and physically through love, exercise, socialization, and training. We provide a safe and sanitary atmosphere were your pet will feel at home.

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We provide high-quality dog care service​s

Socialization Is A Key 

Point To A Happy

And Well Behaved Pet!



​​Stacy's Dog Watch is an anxiety-free retreat your fur-baby will love. Our Licensed boarding, grooming and group play services will stimulate your dog's mind , body and spirit so they can live their best life away from home. When your dog is care-free, so are you. Enjoy your time apart with peace of mind that we'll take care of them just like family.

Your dog is more than a pet-they are a cherished family member and loyal friend. So don't they deserve to relax in comfort and with good company while your on the go?

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